Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lombadina, Dampier Peninsula - 18th August 2009

On the Dampier Peninsula, north of Broome, nearly every little community runs mudcrabbing tours. We ended up going on a tour with Robert from Lombadina. Originally, I wasn't planning on going, being deterred by one description of the possible depth of mud (well, they are mudcrabs). However, luckily I decided to go along! After a bumpy 4WD trip along back tracks, we arrived at Lombadina Point and then spent a few hours traipsing through the mangroves (luckily we were assured there were no saltwater crocodiles about this part of the peninsula), often getting muddy shoes and hooking out mudcrabs with what look like oversized tent pegs. Well, Robert did most of the finding and the hooking (although David hooked one that Robert found, and then found and hooked one all by himself!) Once we had as many mudcrabs as people in the sack, we headed back to the town and had a delicious dinner feasting on the crabs.

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