Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Turquoise Bay - 19th July 2009

Turquoise Bay is the place to snorkel off the shore in Exmouth. The crazy thing is that it's a 45 minute drive away, on the other side of the cape in the Cape Range National Park! Due to this (and the weather on our days off), we only get to the location to snorkel after a couple of weeks in town. The location is unusual for snorkelling in that it's a drift snorkel, with you entering the water at one end of the beach and then emerging at the other end after letting the current drift you along. I see a lot of fish life - particularly wrasse, parrot fish and some other fish I've identified before but forgotten their names. However, it's a bit breezy and the water rather cold, so we don't stay long today.

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