Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seahorse Sanctuary, Kalbarri - 23rd June 2009

The section of the Western Australia coastline running from Pinnacles north to Exmouth is called the "Coral Coast" in the tourist brouchures; but I feel it would have been better named the wildlife coast! There are so many amazing opportunities to view sea creatures in the wild, plus some great parks with more animals to see. Arriving in Kalbarri in the pouring rain, it was a very easy decision to visit the Seahorse Sanctuary (which was completely indoors). Set up to breed seahorses for the pet trade (meaning that hopefully less seahorses are taken from the wild, plus these seahorses will actually survive in home aquariums), it was amazing to view tanks full of the extremely cute juvenile seahorses, hanging onto the ropes and each other, and just generally bobbing around.

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