Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exmouth - 7th July 2009

I wasn't original planning on doing a whale shark trip. Sure, they are big, magnificent looking creatures, but the trips are quite expensive. However, after having gotten jealous of David's reports from the whale shark trip he'd done two days before (as part of his Divemasters course), and with him going on another such trip, I decided that I had to go along, too.

First up on the trip, though, was a dive (or snorkel). We went diving at a spot called Central Station - a bommy that is a cleaning station for manta rays. We were rewarded with a close up visit from two manta rays, who seemed to completely ignore the presence of us divers, whilst getting cleaned by the resident fish. If anything, manta rays are even more impressive when you are diving, than when seen from the surface (or at least some of my photos were). We also saw a turtle, probably a loggerhead, of which I also got some good photos of it swimming above us.

The next part of the trip was the whale shark snorkelling. After chilling out on the boat for awhile waiting for the first sighting, we ended up going snorkelling about six times with four different whale sharks. It's quite unreal, being in the water close to these giants of the fish kingdom; they're just so laidback, cruising along just under the surface of the water. Definitely a very different experience and well worth the trip. Not that these are the largest creatures of the sea - the large numbers of humpback whales we saw from the boat throughout the day reminded us of that!

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