Monday, June 15, 2009

Nullarbor - 4th June 2009

The opinions offered to us on the crossing of the Nullarbor seemed to be divided between it being a tedious necessity versus a far from boring trip (at least your first time). Whilst the second day of our crossing started to be a bit boring, our first day was quite interesting. After stopping to watch the whales at Head of Bight (we saw about four whales, including a mother and newborn calf), we headed onto the Nullarbor Plains proper, to the west of the Nullarbor Roadhouse. The feeling of largeness, due to the expanse of plains in every direction and the amount of sky that stretches above you, is a great experience. Not that this was to last long for us - clouds began to appear in the west and showers to be sighted off in the distant. The empty plains made it awesome to watch the showers moving across them and approaching us, sometimes up to three different showers visible at a time. However, by the second day, we were getting a bit tired of the on and off rain and wanted a return to the big sky country we had been expecting.

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