Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fitzgerald River National Park - 9th June 2009

Some of the scenery in the national parks along the south coast of WA is spectacular, not to mention unexpected. Two days in a row we managed to do a morning hike. The first day we climbed Frenchmans Peak in the Cape Le Grand National Park, to the east of Esperance. The Cape Le Grand National Park is best known for its white sandy beaches, but given the time of year, we appreciated this climb up a granite outcrop more. The second day we were driving through the Fitzgerald River National Park, in between Esperance and Albany. A fairly large national park but one that we had barely heard of, we impromptu-ly decided to climb East Mount Barren. It took far less than the 2-3 hours stated on the sign post and rewarded us with excellent vistas on a clear, sunny day.

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