Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Naracoorte Caves - 23rd May 2009

Naracoorte Caves has been the first World Heritage listed site we've visited on our trip. The highlight of the visit was the tour of Victoria Fossil Caves, where we visited the section of the caves where back in 1969 a massive find of fossils from Australia's range of extinct megafauna was made.

Twelve Apostles - 19th May 2009

Back when I was a kid, we travelled along the Great Ocean Road. It was a rainy day, and we travelled it's length in a day, half of us getting car sick. Luckily this time around the weather was better. On our second day along the road we camped at Princetown, then drove on five minutes to the Twelve Apostles. Spending an hour at the lookouts (David took a lot of photos), despite having seen the rock stacks before in countless photos, it was still impressive in person. And the sea down below rolled in, slowly eroding more away from the limestone cliffs.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Melbourne - 16th May 2009

The weather hasn't been too good since we got to Victoria - either cold or windy or rainy, although it hasn't been too bad in Melbourne this weekend.  However, I have found the perfect antidote.  Yesterday whilst exploring the laneways of Melbourne, I had the most delectable mug of hot chocolate I have ever experienced - at Koko Black.  Mmmm... I could get used to these regularly!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tuross Lake - 12th May 2009

It was a sunny afternoon when we detoured via Tuross Lake. We went down to a jetty in front of a café at Tuross Head and had a ginger beer. Sitting in the sun on the jetty, feeling almost warm enough in its glare to go swimming on this beautiful May day, Sydney felt so far away. Then some dolphins swam past, that had been trapped in the lake since the entrance closed a few months ago. It was so peaceful, so relaxing, so much better than being in the office at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday.